Sue & Lars Magnus

Our wedding will take place in a small glade in North-western Central Park at 3PM (15.00) on July 18th, 2015. It will be a short and simple ceremony and a casual fika picnic.

Summer in Stockholm

Location of the ceremony

The location we've chosen often seems like a lesser used part of the park. It is on the West side, between 103rd Street and 104th Street, and Southwest of the Peter Jay Sharp Children's Glade. What's most characteristic about this location is that it's on a hill, it's a clearing with lots of shade from the trees, it has some logs to sit on, and it has a beautiful large rock. We've spent many hours in this clearing, feeling the warmth of the sun and being refreshed by cool breezes, eating, reading, relaxing, and enjoying each other's company. For us, "going to Central Park" means coming here, coming to our spot.

Google photo sphere view of the location for our wedding

The center of this Google map is the location of the wedding.


More information coming soon! Central Park is easily accessible by subway, and there are several trains that stop next to or just a short walk from the 103rd Street and Central Park West. Therefore, it is not necessary to book accommodations next to the park or next to our wedding location.

Setting & Dress Code

Our wedding will be a casual outdoor ceremony and picnic. The average temperature in New York City around this time is 85 Fahrenheit (29 Celsius), and it gets fairly humid. You are welcome to dress up, but we recommend dressing in something that is appropriate for the heat and that you are not afraid to get a couple of grass stains on.

Hopefully, it won't rain. In case of rain, bring an umbrella.

Food & Drinks

We will provide an assortment of picnic treats and drinks.

Alcohol is not permitted in Central Park.